About School

JKMA strives to lay firm foundation in its students that will help them throughout their lives. JKMA believes strongly in holistic development of its students. Our learning program is wholesome, dynamic, active and exciting. “Fun filled learning” is a culture at JKMA.
Students at JKMA become achievers in life. There is a well thought out strategy that generate this outcome. An outline of the same is given below:

  • Provide them opportunity for growth and development.
  • Encourage students to aim high. Only the dreamers can succeed.
  • Create opportunities for developing qualities of leadership and responsibility in team and inculcating in them values in order to develop them to face adverse circumstances.
  • Ensure high level of self-esteem among students and atmosphere of mutual respect in the school. Learn to do, learn to live together, Learning to be.
  • Inculcate high level of moral values along with a polite, helpful and friendly attitude towards all.
  • Challenge the abilities of the students and steer their career to make them realize their dreams.

We believe in following 5 R’s of learning:
  • Resourcefulness
  • Remembering/li>
  • Resilience
  • Reflectiveness
  • Responsiveness

    JKMA goes beyond academics by educating the "Whole Child", which means giving our students the opportunity to explore various interests and develop their talents.

    SPORTS with emphasis on physical fitness and team spirit with both intra school and inter school events. Excellent sporting facilities including a large playground and a variety of Sports equipment along with trained personnel.

    • Visual and Performing Arts to cultivate creativity and art within every student
    • Clubs and Societies for our students to discover a passion and pursue an interest
    • Public Speaking Activities to mould our students into sensitive and skilled communicators EXHIBITIONS AND MONTHLY PRESENTATIONS to
      exhibit talent
    • Adventure Sports to provide team cohesion among students and to boost their confidence
    • School Tripsto reinforce learning outside of the controlled class settings

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