Academic Director Message

Welcome to JK Mittal Academy.

Dear Students and Parents,

A blind person asked Swami Vivekananda:"Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight"?

He replied:"yes, losing your vision".

It is right that mind are like parachutes. They only function.J K Mittal academy spaces no efforts to hands all knowledge, expertise and resourses in the interests of the students. One primary and all-emcompassing objective is all around development of the child's personality and character, for development, for we firmly believe tha everthing flows from his foundation. We believe that training is self-restraint, punctuality, integrity and obedience Courtesy and the ability to distinguished between right and wrong ultimately leads to the development of all the importants assets that is self-discipline.

I welcome you to explore the wealth of opportunities at JKMA. For those of you who are already a part of our family, thank you for sharing your child with us.

Mr. Ayush Mittal

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